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As I mentioned in my last post, we went to the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Once “Cheetah Tales” show was complete. We checked out the rest of the park.

The centerpiece was the Africa section. There was a tram tour around the main enclosures that was over two miles long. They said that the main zoo could fit in this area alone. Walking up to this section, I was astonished. Where I’m sued to seeing at most three or four of some animals, there were many, walking across a field. From one section, view was as though I was on the African plains (give or take a palm tree).
The Jurassic Park View

Rhinos and Gazelles

Some lions were hanging around.
Lyin' About

Taking a nap is Nola, one of their two Northern White Rhinoceroses.

Not impressed?

She’s one of eight that remain in the world.
Dozing Nola
Quite sad.

Some giraffes were hanging about.
Mob of Giraffes

They had an okampi…

…a secretary bird…
Secratary Bird

….and something that was off exhibit.
Animals Off Exhibit
(The skeleton was part of the enclosure–normally, there were buzzards in there.)

Another area had the most elephants I’ve seen at one time–at least eight, including several babies.
Elephants Hanging by the Pool

Awkward Baby Elephant

The Wild Animal Park has distinct conservation mission. One of the species they assisted in making a comeback is the California Condor.
California Condor

Nearby, this burrowing owl was chatting up a storm.
Loud Owl

A roadrunner watched us with suspicion.
Peeking Roadrunner

Another area allowed some birds to fly among the visitors, though I think this one was confused. This one landed on a railing, and looked down as if to say, “so, where are these exotic birds I keep hearing about?”
So, You Say there are Exotic Birds Here?

My daughter was taken with the dik diks this day.
Dik Dik

There were some ducklings there. My daughter got to feed them.
Swimming Ducklings

Caitlin Feeds the Ducklings

All in all, we had a great time at an amazing zoo!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

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