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One of the things I was particularly keen on seeing was the San Diego Zoo. They are said to have one of the better zoos in the country.
Family at San Diego Zoo

One of the first animals we got to see was flamingos–even with flamingo chicks!
Flamingo and Chick

I always like to see fishing cats. They had one who was quite active, walking around and surveying his domain.
San Diego Fishing Cat in the Bushes

A Fishing Cat Surveys his Domain

My wife’s favorite animal was the koala bears, something we don’t have in Cincinnati. There were about eight sleeping among the trees.
Rebecca and the Koala

Koala Bear and Her Joey

They had two panda bears, both were sleeping. Believe it or not, these weren’t the rarest animals we saw this week.
Sleepy Panda

At one enclosure, they were commenting that they just put a housecat in the zoo. This was an Arabian Wildcat, Felis silvestris gordoni. In a way, they were right. A modern taxonomy of the house cat has it as Felis silvestris catus, simply a different subspecies of wildcat. Makes me look at my cats a little differently.

The particularly odd thing was that, where others were let down by the “housecat in the zoo,” I was impressed. As my wife said, I did my research.
Arabian Wildcat

Speaking of scientific names, my favorite is neofelis nebulosa, the clouded leopard.
Clouded Leopard

At some enclosures, there were warning signs.
Caution Sign

There were several other animals.
Giraffe Head


Dozing Dik Dik

Do you suppose the camel knows perl?

They had two jaguars. One had fairly typical coloring….
Sleeping Jaguar

The other was black on a rich chocolate color. Quite stunning.
Dark Jaguar

The leopard was a bit shy.
Leopard Tail

They had a seval that was sleeping in a basket.
Servals Like Baskets

He got up, and tried to knock down some branches.
Standing Serval

One way to view the park is via a Skyfari.

However, we really weren’t able to see any animals. We did, however, get a good look at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park.
Skyfari--Museum of Man

This was the first of two campuses the San Diego Zoo had…the second one came later in the week….

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  1. Awesome pics! Thanks for visiting.

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