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Cheetah Tales Sign
A few days after going to the San Diego Zoo, we went to the Wild Animal Park. This is another campus about thirty miles north of the main zoo. Here, they have larger enclosures. There will be another post about that in a bit. However, as soon as we walked in, we discovered we had just enough time to make the Cheetah Tales show. As we are all big cheetah fans, my family made haste to get there.

The star was a one-and-a-half year old cheetah names Amara.
Amara and Trainer

Her favorite thing to do was chase a plush snake.
Get the Snake!

The Snake is Getting Away!!!!!>

I Has a Snake!

It was hot work.
Thirsty Girl

Her trainers made sure she got a “bloodcycle,” a frozen combination of water and cow’s blood. Sounds gross, but I’m not a cat. Amara seemed to really like it. I’ve read about this at other cat rescue centers.
Summertime Treat

Like many cheetah cat ambassadors, Amara was partnered with a dog, specifically an anatolian shepherd. The dog acts as a “security blanket” for a cat who’s instincts make her skittish around potential predators (the audience).

Anatolian shepherds in particular are used as part of cheetah conservation programs. The dogs are provided to shepherds. The dog barks, scaring cheetahs away from their flock, and removing a reason the shepherds might go after the cats.
Amara Won't Share her Snake

Amara was a great ambassador, obeying her trainers…most of the time.
Passive Resistance #1

Passive Resistance #2: The Belly Rub Edition

It was a great show. They presented a lot of knowledge about these great cats.
"O HAI!" says Amara Cheetah

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