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Seyia and Kilua at the Cincinnati Zoo   Leave a comment

The Cincinnati Zoo made a couple of announcements since my last visit, neither of which involved cats. It was, however, for two of my favorite non-felids animals. We had a gorgeous day, so I decided to go check it out.

The first was Seyia, a black rhino. She just moved here from the Baton Rouge Zoo. Like most Louisiana girls, she’s very cute*.
Seyia, the Black Rhino

I confess I haven’t watched too many rhinos interacting with people. This time, I was there when her keepers were having a session with her. It was clear that she had an interest–even a fondness–for her people. It was quite cute.
Sitting with Her Peeps

The keepers train the animals behaviors that will help them in the animal’s care. In this case, Seyia has learned how to present her foot for examination.
Put Your Right Foot In

She seems to really like watermelon.

The other new arrival was Kilua, a baby okapi. She was born on November 30.
Kilua and her Mom, Kuvua

She is a very active girl!
Okapi Trot!

The black bear was enjoying the sun.
Snoozin Bear

As was this penguin.
Penguin on the Rock

Of course I stopped by the cats! Techumseh the cougar was being active.
Techumseh on the Rocks

They fed the caracal while I was there. I remind myself that, in the wild, small birds are commonly their prey. Today, they gave her a chick. It wasn’t alive, but a bit odd to see. I’m not posting the pick her, but I did link to the picture.

Renji and Nubo, the snow leopards, were relaxed. Nubo did raise his head to say “hi.”
Nubo's stare

The tigers were even more relaxed, melting into a puddle. Not the tongue.
Tiger Puddle

*Louisiana girls are cute, but I do find myself partial to women from the Midwest. :)

108.43 miles DONE!   Leave a comment

4,831 feet climbed.

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64.59 miles Ice Cream Bresk   Leave a comment

Metamora, Indiana

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52 miles Brookville Reservoir   Leave a comment

Pretty view…worth the climb that is ahead of me.

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33 miles Greetings from Indiana   Leave a comment

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Dusting Off an Old Script wp   Leave a comment

via Instagram

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Kittens’ Third Birthday   2 comments

The are no longer kittens, though we still refer to them as such. Beso and Luna are three years old. Beso has deep thought sometimes.
Beso, Relaxed

Luna is still a hacker-ninja-princess, bounding through life.
Hacker Ninja Princess on her Perch

It’s hard work to look this good. Don’t you just love her pedicure?
Pretty Luna

Beso is also a handsome cat.
Proud Beso

Happy birthday, kitties!

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32 miles Field of Yellow   Leave a comment

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19.53 miles. Stow-Away   Leave a comment

We got a bunch of $1 plush kitties when my daughter was a toddler to keep in the car. If she dropped one, we could hand her another. If it got lost, well, it was only a buck.

This one must have fallen out last night. I noticed him as I set out for a ride. He got to come, as I didn’t feel like fishing out my keys.

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Friday Afternoon Dance Party: Supermassive Black Hole   Leave a comment

A case where the cover surpasses the original.

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